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Mean Girls Day on October 3rd can be super grool! Here are 25 ideas to make your Mean Girls Day special in 2023

  1. Wear pink: Even if it’s not a Wednesday, show your Pink Wednesday spirit.
  2. Make mocktails: Channel your inner Regina George’s mom and whip up some mocktails (or cocktails for adults).
  3. Buy plastic crowns: Embrace your inner Plastic and wear crowns with your friends.
  4. Voluminous hairstyle: Go for a big, voluminous hairstyle and flaunt it on social media.
  5. Three-way call: Instead of drama, have a friendly three-way call with your BFFs.
  6. Costume party: Host a costume party and let your friends channel their inner Mean Girls characters.
  7. Early Halloween costume: Test your Halloween costume early, just like Karen would.
  8. Mouse ears: Be like Karen and proudly declare, “I’m a mouse. Duh!”
  9. Karen’s World Peace speech: Share Karen’s iconic world peace speech with your friends.
  10. Calculus problems: Attempt to solve ten calculus problems in honor of math genius Cady.
  11. Visit the zoo: Take a trip to the zoo, inspired by Cady’s zoologist parents.
  12. Use “grool”: Try to make “grool” happen instead of “fetch.”
  13. Toaster strudel for breakfast: Enjoy a toaster strudel for breakfast, just like Gretchen’s dad invented.
  14. Watch the movie: Of course, don’t forget to watch the Mean Girls movie.
  15. Cheese fries for lunch: Indulge in some cheese fries because carbs don’t count on Mean Girls Day, right?
  16. Taco Bell for dinner: Take a cue from Karen and head to Taco Bell for dinner.
  17. Check the cast: Look up what the Mean Girls cast members are up to now and maybe watch some of their other films.

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  1. Rent a convertible: If possible, rent a silver Lexus convertible like Regina’s.
  2. Go shopping at the mall: Visit a mall, and if you can, head to Sherway Gardens in Ontario, Canada, where the movie was filmed.
  3. Create a “Burn Book” (with a positive spin): Make a Burn Book filled with compliments and gratitude to spread positivity.
  4. Get Broadway Musical tickets: If available, attend a performance of the Mean Girls Broadway Musical.
  5. Buy Mean Girls memorabilia: Shop for Mean Girls merchandise online.
  6. Listen to the soundtrack: Enjoy the Mean Girls movie soundtrack with hits from Blondie, Missy Elliott, and Barry White.

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  1. Take a selfie: Channel your inner Karen and take a selfie with your whole fist in your mouth.
  2. Spread kindness: Lastly, be kind and remember the lessons from Mean Girls about the importance of treating others well.

Have a fetch Mean Girls’ Day!

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