Pachuca and Santos Laguna's rich history fuels intense battles, with a slight edge to Pachuca

Historic Rivalry Renewed 

High Stakes for Santos 

Santos aims for third place with a win, but their road record vs. Pachuca's determination adds intrigue. 

Harold Preciado and Juan Brunetta shine for Santos, while Pachuca searches for scoring solutions. 

Key Players to Watch 

Pachuca's Scoring Challenge 

American, b. 1981

Pachuca's struggle to find the net, but they aim to climb the standings with a victory

Pachuca's Guillermo Almada, once with Santos, brings added drama to the clash. 

Manager's Intrigue 

Monday night's showdown promises a captivating spectacle - a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts. 

Battle of Giants 

Don't Miss the Action! 

Pachuca takes on Santos Laguna in a game-changer for both sides - be part of the excitement!