Mocktail Time! 

Mix up some mocktails inspired by Regina George's mom. Cheers to Mean Girls Day! 

Embrace Your Inner Plastic 

Crown yourself and your friends with plastic crowns, just like the Plastics from North Shore High! 

Voluminous Hair Vibes 

Rock a big, voluminous hairstyle and share your fierce look on social media. 

Violet Lotus


Sleep Mask

Fine Line



Three-Way Call Love 

Skip the drama and have a friendly three-way call with your BFFs to reminisce about Mean Girls. 

Mean Girls Costume Party

Host a costume party and let your friends channel their inner Mean Girls characters. 

Early Halloween Test Run 

Try out your Halloween costume early, just like Karen Smith would. 

I'm a Mouse, Duh! 

Be like Karen Smith and proudly declare, "I'm a mouse. Duh!" 

Toaster Strudel Delight 

Enjoy a toaster strudel for breakfast, just like Gretchen Wieners' dad invented. 

Taco Bell Dinner Date 

Channel your inner Karen and head to Taco Bell for dinner. Because why not? 

Spreading Kindness on Mean Girls Day 

Be kind and create a "Burn Book" filled with compliments and gratitude to spread positivity.