Home Sweet Home - South Korea 

South Korean fans gathered at Seoul Olympic Park for cake-cutting and fan art exhibitions. 

USA's Love for Jungkook 

Jungkook's birthday was marked by fan meet-ups, dance performances, and charity events across the United States. 

Brazil's Vibrant Tribute

Brazilian ARMYs organized flash mobs,  fan meetings, and streamed dance performances in Jungkook's honor. 

Japan's Candlelight Vigil 

Japanese fans held candlelight vigils and trending hashtags to commemorate Jungkook's special day. 

Philippine Purple Love

The Philippines saw massive fan gatherings, fan art contests, and charity drives in Jungkook's name. 

India's Birthday Wishes 

ndian ARMYs trended hashtags, organized online fan gatherings, and sent warm messages to Jungkook. 

UK's Birthday Bash 

The UK hosted Jungkook-themed parties, dance challenges, and outdoor screenings of BTS concerts. 

Mexico's Artistic Tribute 

Mexico celebrated with fan art exhibitions, dance covers, and charity fundraising. 

Vietnam's Heartfelt Messages 

Vietnamese fans shared heartfelt messages, fan-made videos, and fan art in honor of Jungkook. 

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