Royal Palace Resorts - Luxury on a Budget 

Experience affordable luxury at Royal Palace Resorts, nestled in the Aravalli hills. 

The Pink City Retreat - Tranquil Day Outing 

Escape the city's hustle at The Pink City Retreat with serene surroundings and fun activities. 

The Grand Jaipur Haven - Luxury Redefined 

Immerse yourself in luxury at The Grand Jaipur Haven, offering rich experiences and warm hospitality. 

Jaipur Serenity Suites - Private Pool Bliss  Enjoy seclusion and luxury at Jaipur Serenity Suites with private pools and lush gardens. 

The Royal Escape - Adventure Await  Embark on an adventure at The Royal Escape with thrilling activities and a spacious pool. 

Majestic Gardens Resort - 5-Star Splendor 

Experience regal luxury at Majestic Gardens Resort, with opulent rooms and a world-class spa. 

Jaipur Blissful Getaway - Affordable Comfort 

Find comfort and affordability at Jaipur Blissful Getaway, ideal for budget-conscious families. 

Riverside Retreat Jaipur - Lakeside Serenity  Enjoy a day by Mansagar Lake at Riverside Retreat Jaipur, with boating and lakeside picnics. 

The Family Oasis - Fun for All 

Create cherished memories at The Family Oasis with spacious rooms and a kids' club.