What Are Travel Credit Cards?

Travel credit cards are specially designed to reward your wanderlust. They offer perks like miles, points, and cashback for travel-related expenses. 

Earning Reward

Every time you make a purchase, you earn points or miles. The more you spend, the more you earn. 

Types of Reward

These cards offer various rewards like airline miles, hotel stays, or general travel points, giving you flexibility. 

Sign-Up Bonuse

Many travel credit cards provide lucrative sign-up bonuses, helping you kickstart your travel fund.

Travel Perk

Enjoy benefits like lounge access, priority boarding, and free checked bags when you travel. 

No Foreign Transaction Fee

Travel cards often don't charge foreign transaction fees, making them perfect for international trips.

Credit Score Impact

Using and managing your travel credit card responsibly can positively impact your credit score.

Travel Insurance

Many cards provide travel insurance, covering unexpected events like trip cancellations or lost luggage.