Ticket Type Matters 

Most waiting tickets are only valid for specific train or bus services. Ensure you know the details of your ticket. 

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Subject to Availability 

With a waiting ticket, you're essentially on standby. You'll board if there are empty seats after confirmed passengers have boarded. 

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Advance Booking

It's wise to book well in advance to secure a confirmed ticket, as waiting tickets are not guaranteed. 

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Arrive Early 

To maximize your chances, arrive at the station early and inquire about seat availability. 

Priority Matters 

Passengers with reserved tickets always have priority over waiting passengers. 

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Patience is Key 

Be prepared to wait, but it's a great way to travel on a budget. 

Travel Light 

With a waiting ticket, ensure you travel light to be flexible and move quickly. 

Plan B

Always have a Plan B in case you don't get a seat.