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Kylie Jenner and Timothy Chalamet: Are They Still Dating?

Rumors of Romance Prevail

In recent news, amidst speculations of a breakup, it appears that Kylie Jenner and Timothy Chalamet are still very much in a relationship. Despite their preference for keeping their relationship low-key, it’s been a steady journey for this couple since the first whispers of romance surfaced about four months ago. However, as with any celebrity couple, it’s essential to take all reports with a pinch of salt.

The Kylie-Travis Love Story

Kylie Jenner, renowned as a Kardashian star, started her romantic journey with actor Travis Scott. Their on-again, off-again relationship, which produced two children, Stormi, 5, and their 18-month-old son, was recently on the rocks. Despite a December reunion, it seems their five-year journey together is facing some turbulent times.

While their romantic status may have evolved over the past few years, the 25-year-old Kylie and 32-year-old Travis remain united when it comes to co-parenting their children. According to a close source in 2021, this pair is “great friends” and share a “tremendous co-parenting relationship.”

The Timothy Chalamet Connection

As for Timothy Chalamet, he has been linked with several stars over the past few years, including actresses Eiza González, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp. However, details about his relationship with Kylie remain scarce. So, don’t expect a cameo in the Kardashian family’s reality show anytime soon.

A Glimpse into Chalamet’s Love Life

In 2019, images of a kiss between Timothy and The Idol actress aboard a yacht in Italy went viral, leading to rare comments about his private life from the 27-year-old actor. “I went to bed that night thinking it was one of the best days of my life,” he shared in a November 2020 profile. “I spent the entire day with someone I really loved, and with my eyes closed, I was genuinely saying, ‘This was so good.'”

He continued, And upon awakening, feeling humiliated and seeming extremely mischievous?
he quipped. “And then people say, ‘It’s a PR stunt.’ A PR stunt?! Do you think I’d want to look like that in front of everyone?”

There isn’t much information accessible about Timothy’s connection with Kylie because he has kept a low profile about his personal life ever since. So, don’t expect a cameo on the red carpet any time soon.

As a result,

Kylie Jenner and Timothy Chalamet have clearly opted to keep their love lives relatively quiet, despite the fact that the world of celebrity romance is always evolving. Given their hectic schedules and successful occupations, it appears that they would rather let their work speak for itself.

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