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One piece live action vs game of thrones budget battle and early praise

With the release of “One Piece Live Action,” a lot is being said about the episodes. Each episode comes with a cost to produce, and it’s intriguing to understand how it measures up against the monumental series Game of Thrones.

“One Piece Live Action” debuted this week, and fans are excited about the animation of the show. However, what caught attention was the rumor regarding the cost of creating a single episode of the show. The 8-episode series delves into the exploits of Luffy and where it all began. As this information surfaced, fans began drawing parallels to Game of Thrones, a series known for its high production costs. Here, we unveil the actual cost of creating a live-action episode of “One Piece.”

“One Piece” has outshone even Game of Thrones. According to recent reports from the official German Netflix website, NetflixVoché, the per-episode budget of “One Piece Live Action” is a staggering $17.27 million. This amount surpasses the budget of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which had a significant budget of $14.79 million per episode during its peak. Investing such a substantial sum in the transformation of One Piece confirms the studio’s commitment to appease its fans. With a desire to tell ambitious stories and create grand visuals, “One Piece” presents both an exciting opportunity and a significant risk for Netflix.

Looking back at past live-action projects by streaming giants, both “Cowboy Bebop” and “Death Note” were ambitious endeavors, yet they failed to resonate with fans. Thus, working on new projects is crucial for studios to regain their footing.

The initial feedback for the “One Piece Live Action” has been remarkably positive. As episodes streamed, it quickly became evident that Netflix’s adaptation of “One Piece” could break the curse of anime-to-live-action adaptations and thrive with talented actors and a compelling storyline. Megan Peters of applauds it as “good, good,” while Crunchyroll’s Daniel Dockery remarks, “This is good.” The Streamer’s Moh Hossein dubs it a “legitimate deal” and potentially “the king of Netflix shows.” Twitter user @WildeePatrol commends it on a grand scale, praising both the extensive cast and crew. Ivan Valentin of sets it apart from other adaptations, stating, “This isn’t Cowboy Bebop.” The positive reviews hint at a promising journey for Netflix’s “One Piece,” attracting new fans and setting the stage for a successful Season 2.

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